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Re: Relactating Where to begin ,lol. Need suggestions!!

Originally Posted by 1boy1girl1kitty2
where would i get this? is it prescribed by a dr? i made the desision before my DD was born that i did not wnat to BF but regretted it so when i got pregnant with DS i vowed i would BF, i tried but i had no support and there is not a lactation consultant here, i also had an 11 pound baby. (i didn't have the supply for his demand) he's only four months now and i have been considering this. he's eating solids and whatnot and is on isomil but i would really love to successfully BF. if not DS then the baby we are TTC.

Yes, Domperidone has to be prescribed by a doctor...and to complicate things even more, it is illegal in the US. Check this out:

There are some links in that thread about is difficult but doable and most would say definitely worth the effort! The best advice I've read/heard about reintroducing the breast is to not set your expectations too high and not let yourself get frustrated. I do not have personal experience with relactating, but I did exclusively pump/bottlefeed for the first 7 weeks and had to reintroduce the breast after that so I can sympathize somewhat. I can also give lots of advice about getting a bottle baby to take the breast!!

Good luck!!
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