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What's going on??

I recently switched to wool for our overnight solution. We have an Aristocrats wool soaker. I have been putting hemp fitteds underneath. (several types, several combos) Everyone says that this is foolproof. Not really true for us. For a few days, it was okay. DD woke up with the diaper and soaker full to the max but clothes and sheets were okay but for the past couple of nights it has been bad. One morning she woke up and her pjs were soaked but the wool wasn't soaked all over. What happened there? Then last night I went in for a feeding around 1 am and she was already soaked through. I knew I was going to have to change her but thought that I might be wrong so I thought I would wait and see what happened. Went back a few hours later and her clothes and bed were soaked too. Why isn't this working for us???

I really need a solution. If we have a middle of the night diaper change, she is guaranteed to be up for at least an hour. At LEAST. Don't know why but it makes her scream like crazy and then she is unable to go back to sleep.

We'll see how tonight goes but if anyone has any tips in the meantime.....
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