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Re: First nursing bra?

I have quite a few, but here are my favorites and why:
Noppies-microfiber, one-handed bra hook, slip on, super comfortable
Medela-microfiber, somewhat one-handed hook, slip on, very comfortable
QT-cotton, hook and eye closure, inexpensive and comfortable

I didn't like the Bravado classic, but do like the Bravado Lifestyle bra (it's new). Good support and kinda pretty.

I am a 38D, so it's important to me to have comfort. Around the house and at night, I wear the Noppies. Out and about i wear the Bravado Lifestyle so my boobs aren't hanging down to my navel!

I do agree that you should try them out before buying a whole bunch. Also, try them out after you are nursing. I bought some before I had my DS and not all worked for me once I began nursing.

Good luck!!
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