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Re: Fun post - what's your diaper changing song?

I usually make up a new one as I go along to whatever tune is in my head at the moment.
The only two I can think of that I actually consistently remember the words to?

(to the tune of "All Around the Mulberry Bush")
In Ramie's nursery, the mommy changed the baby.
The mommy looked away for a sec'....
PEEpee went Ramie!

--that one came about after she wee'd before I could get the dipe unsnapped.

(to the tune of "Shortnin' Bread")
Mama's little Ramie went peepee, peepee
Mama's little Ramie went peepee in her dipe

Mama's little Ramie went poopoo, poopoo
Mama's little Ramie went poopoo, poopoo
Ramie went poopoo and it really stinks.

Funny...after I delivered Ramie, the nurses taught DH to roll her side-to-side in a blanket to wake her enough to BF. After seeing me sing "Wake up, wake up you sleepyhead. Wake up, wake up get out of bed" DH took the 2 words he could remember "Wake up" and would sing that over and over again...EVERY TIME HE ROLLED HER. No creativity whatsoever. to late April. My Dad had given DH the Sirius satellite kit for XMas, but we didn't have the $ to pay for the service. For his b-day in April, he got him a subscription for a few months. As he opens the gift certificate, he whips this out--totally off the top of his head:

(to the tune of "Camptown Races")
I've got Sirius satellite...doodah, doodah
I get to listen to Howard Stern...oh didee doodah day!
It has been for mooooonths...
I haven't heard him once...
I get to listen to Howard Stern...oh didee doodah day!

A rhyming off-the-cuff ditty about Howard Stern (of all people!) and a 2-word repetition for his first-born. Sheesh!
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