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Re: Why are my SB leaking?

Well I submitted the form on her web site that gets to you to fill in a bunch of details about the problems you are having. Her spam filter should not be filtering out forms filled out from her web site.

My previous order with Swaddlebees had 2 fitted dipes that were defective and 2 that were sent to me the wrong size. She replaced the 2 defective ones but it took over a month from when she said she was going to do it and never replied to emails I sent asking what the status was. She also never sent correct size replacments for the ones that were sent as the wrong size and has never replied to my emails concerning that portion of the order.

I just don't know what to think. Customer service with Swaddlebees really seems to be hit or miss. I wish her dipes weren't the only ones that fit my DD.
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