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Re: This site is BAD for my PP

OMG it was you that got the Ky slot! I sooo wanted it, and I already freakin have a a pair! How crazy am I I am suppose to have that cheer set in my hands right now Laides this is why you should NEVER fude with your mailman! Yesteday we were home all day and the sneaky butt put the mail in the box and there was a slip that said I could pick up my package (from Heather) on monday at the PO How horrible is that? No I have to wait all weekend I have to know what colorway purewool your using!? OMG a varagited colorway cheer skirt is going to be TDF! Don't tell anyone (especially the DH's) how much we paid for those cheer sets though Okay? Oh and if those fluffymail pants still dont fit......PLEASE let me know!!
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