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Re: Liquids other than BM?

My DD is 11 months and I've just recently (as in the last few weeks) started offering her water in a cup, but that's mostly because she's taken *such* an interest in what we're drinking (more than grabbing at cups, she'll throw a mini-tantrum over it if she sees us drinking from across the room!), and it's not so much an "I'm thirsty" thing for her, but an "I want some too" thing

To date, I don't think she's actually managed to *drink* any of it. She spits it out when she does manage to get some out of a sippy cup.

At 5 months, all they need is breastmilk... DD still nurses on demand, and some days she's definately more demanding than others, but it assures me that she's getting exactly what she needs
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