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Re: Am I the only one who is not in LOVE with their Britax marathon

we just installed our new marathon in my fiance's car yesterday (it took much, much longer than i expected) and i realized i had put one strap through the next highest slot behind the cover (so, from the outside it looked like they were both in the same slot). then i couldn't tighten one side as much as the other, but i knew it was a user error because britax is notorious for easy, symmetrical strap adjustments.

after i fixed my mistake i learned that i really, really don't like the rubber guides that are over the straps and should have taken them off when i had the straps undone. ugh! those things are a PITA but i was able to get the straps as tight as necessary.

of course, my son is a BIG 13 month old so i could see how the straps would be difficult to tighten on a smaller baby. we also have a roundabout and the straps are thinner and much easier to adjust, i think. i also prefer the button on the roundabout over the metal tab you have to pull up to adjust on the marathon.

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