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Re: Am I the only one who is not in LOVE with their Britax marathon

Originally Posted by raceNzanesmom View Post
The HUGS shouldn't cause any interference with tightening. I've used Zane's Britaxes since before he was 3 months and have never had a problem. JSYK, the HUGS MUST be used when the car seat is forward facing. They are optional when rear facing.
i wasn't saying they interefered with tightening, just that they were a PITA. i guess i was going off on another tangent, though

it seems that with an itty bitty baby they might be too heavy and thick so i would definitely take them off while my child was small and rear-facing but i don't really see why they're required when forward facing...especially considering the fact that other car seat manufacturers don't have them. i guess i didn't read far enough into the booklet because i didn't see that statement.
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