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Re: Green Momma 2007- Banyan Tree OS Diapers

Approximate date of purchase: 3-11 (recieved 4-2) and again om 4-3 and recieved 4-23 so about 2-3 week turn around
Where did you purchase the item(s) from:Banyan tree diapers, green earth mama
What did you buy: Fitted Diapers and doublers
How was the customer service: She is very sweet and is trying to keep up with everything, I do wish I had heard from her more the first time but the second time she was super about keeping me up to date!
Review of the product:4 stars for fitteds and super price!
Any additional comments: She does customs if you send her fabric and if you haven't heard from her or have any questions email her and she is quick to respond.
Would you do business with them again? Yes/No Most definitly yes! I already bought 5 and I like the previous just need more money in pay pal to waste,lol.

Additional Info: I dont know if I can respond to this or not,lol. However I would like to I also bought a couple of diapers from her when she first started and it took a while to get them. However in her defense she opened this awesome biz and with the great prices she offers and how cute the diapers are I think she got way more buisness than anticipated. Not to mention she has a family of her own to take care of. I realize you were not attacking and were giving honest feedback. I just ordered 3 more diapers and it took much less time to get them becasue I requested priority mail. This time it will take 2 weeks instead of almost 30 days. They are on thier way to my home now =)
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