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Re: Lemme see your stash!

Right now I have about 1100 oz in the freezer. My dd is 6 months now. Before I went back to work I had about 500 oz stashed (DD was 3 1/2 montsh then). I got the 500 oz by pumping in the morning after dd's first feeding because I was usually really full, pumping at night before I went to bed and then maybe pumping in the middle of the night depending on if dd would sleep through or not. All in all, I would usually freeze anywhere from 5-10 oz a day while still bfing her. After I went back to work full time, I would pump 3x a day every 2-3 hours and would come home with about 18-20 oz. I also pump right before I go to bed so I freeze about 20-26 oz a day. I am constantly rotating my milk supply so I have a log sheet that tells me what comes out of the freezer to go to daycare when dd needs it. I use tubs to help me organize my milk. Each tub contains about 100-160 oz. I was pumping to freeze since I was going back to work. I was afraid that my supply would drop and I wouldn't be able to keep up with dd's needs. Now that I know how much she eats I am pretty confident we will make it past the 1 year mark no problem.

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