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Re: Homeschooling Mamas I need your help :)

Some other things I thought of that Race knew by K. Say name, address, phone number, birthday, mom and dad's name & where they work, recognize his first name, say the days of the week (there's a fun song for this), concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow (he was fuzzy about it in real life, but could do it on the calendar), weather concepts sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc).

Re: testing, I think all kids are tested before K. I don't think the results keep them out. I've worked in K and the testing was simply to show what the kids knew, where their strengths and weaknesses are. It also helps place kids so one class doesn't have all lower kids and another class full of higher kids (unless the classes are ability based). The kids are then re-tested throughout the year to make sure they are advancing. The testing at the end of the year places them for the following years. I've seen kids that tested at the lower end before K test at the high end by the end of K and vice versa. The kids that I've seen do the best in school were the ones with involved parents, that make learning interesting. Regardless of the child's actual ability they are the ones that continue to advance and learn at the highest rate. So, relax, and enjoy your child's last year at home. Make it fun, make it a special time together.
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