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Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?

I don't really have any suggestions as I'm 9mo post partum with my 2nd...and I'm still overweight...

But, when I got pg with #1 (2nd pregnancy), I was 185...lost 15..and gave birth at back to pre-pg weight within 2 weeks. I got pg when he was 4 or 5 mo, lost the babies (twins) at about 10 weeks..and then got pregnant again when he was about 11mo...and I was 193...I lost weight..I don't remember how much, but I'm thinking it was about the same as #1, about 15 or so lbs..and gave birth at 224 I think? I lost the pregnancy weight within 3 weeks but gained back a couple of lbs and just kept gaining/losing/gaining/losing...Oh, and I'm 5'5" too.

I'm now between 186-188 - depending on the time of day I weigh I'm finally losing weight (slowly)...I have 2 'conditions' or diseases..whatever you may call them...that hinder weight loss...I'm finally medicated for both of those and I can really tell a difference. The weight isn't falling off by any means...but I can tell a difference with modifying my diet.

ANYWAY...long & windy reply to say..yeap, i'm fluffy too...not pg and not ttc, but just thought i'd reply
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