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Phae's Phancy

Phae's Phancy
Beaded hairclips for mama's and their beautiful little girls!

Christmas clips coming soon!

Choose your sizes, pick your colors, and if I don't have it already made I'll get it done! Right now turn around would only be a day or two, but that could change if I got a ton of orders in. I use 28 or 26 gauge wire most of the time but I had some other sizes I've used on a few. Most of the beads I use have a metallic tint so the wire looks good in the places that it's exposed on the clips. I now have colored wire as well. I'm working on different styles but if you want something specific feel free to ask. Also if you want a color I don't have let me know and I'll get it!
1" (or a tad bit over an inch maybe) $3.50
1 1/2" clips- $4 or 2 for $6 (sold out)
2" clips- $5 or 2 for $8
3" clips- $7
4" clips- $8
I may have some that are a little different price at times, but it will be labeled so.
Dark purple mixture and it looks like it has some blue, but it really is quite purple:

Light pink mixture:

Aqua blue mixture:

Green mixture:

White sparkly short tube beads:

Midnight mixture (mostly dark blue, maybe some hint of a dark purple):

Topaz mix:

Pink with just seed beads:

Red mix:

Some customs I've done:

I accept funded pay pal or cc. I love trades! Add $1 shipping for entire order.
Every piece is an individual, no two are alike and it would be impossible to make two exactly the same. Small pieces can become detached and cause a choking risk, please be sure to make sure no pieces are coming apart when you put it in a small childs hair. You use at your own risk.
If a hairclip does come apart I am willing to repair, or replace with photographic evidence.
I am mother to Phaedra 4 and Jaevin 8 months . ISO Cute WAHM stuff for Christmas gifts, a toy for DD to learn to write her ABC's, and you can try me on other items. IHA: check out my made by me beaded hairclips @ and books Going Bovine, and others @

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