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Re: Chicagoland moms- anyone use Homefirst?

i am not sure how helpful this is to you, but i started with them when dh & i moved here. i was planning to have a homebirth or midwife assisted birth and that is who i found too so i started with them as my gynie while we were ttc. I did not ahve a good experience...actually worst pap of my life.....the dr opened the door and left the room with me in the stirrups and my personal space about 12 inches from the door in plain site of anyone walking down the hall. She had to use a child sized speculum b/c for some reason she couldn't get a regular one in...which has never happened before. And then when she did manage to get it in she scratched my cervix and i bleed for more than a day:-( And at the time they were charging you an extra fee on top of whatever your insurance fee was for the "unique and unusual experience" or some crap like that. I think they might have done away with that b/c people would complain about it so much. As bad as my experience was I have heard that some of the dr's there are great....and i am specifically speaking about 1 dr in particular that i saw in the naperville office. They have offices all over chicagoland and some of their dr's are outstanding. If you want to google more about them i think there is a larger response at
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