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Re: oxi-clean

I use it to strip my microfiber inserts. I've never actually used it on my pocket dipes, because they don't tend to get the stink build-up that my inserts do. Usually stripping with Dawn will work for my dipes.

But, I use it a lot on my inserts (NOT hemp--it can ruin it), and it works wonders!! I actually use the Sun brand of Oxy-clean. I fill my washer with HOT water, my micro inserts, a little laundry detergent (again, Sun), and 1 or 2 scoops of the Oxy-clean. I let it soak for 3 hours or so (sometimes overnight). Then I run the cycle with an extra rinse. I run one more cycle with nothing in it and an extra rinse. Usually by that time, it's cleared out, but if I have to, I'll throw another rinse in.

It's worked miracles for my inserts. But, again, I don't do it all the time--maybe once or twice a month.

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