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Re: Liquids other than BM?

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but while I don't think they *need* anything other than bm, I also don't think it will hurt to give other things within reason. I figure it's the same as with go with the flow and do what comes naturally and don't stress out about "rules".

On the advice of our pediatrician, DJ started getting small amounts of water around 4 weeks old. I can explain why if you're interested, otherwise, I'll just let everyone assume that we were given bad advice and that I was stupid to take it. Too much water is bad for their kidneys but a little bit won't hurt and can sometimes be just what they need. We also started giving very diluted fruit juice around the same time that he started with the various fruits. I did make sure to give him 100% fruit juice (not from concentrate) and watered it down a good bit and only gave small amounts but I don't think there's anything wrong with it within reason. Oh, and DJ's gotten breastmilk in a bottle since he was born and he never minded getting it at room temp or even cooler at times. In fact, I had to exclusively pump for the first ~7 weeks and when he first started taking the breast, I think he didn't like the milk warm...he'd nurse till I let down and then make an awful face and spit it out. We started gradually warming his bottles to get him used to it and eventually he got to where he didn't mind what temp it was.

Around the time DJ was 5 or 6 months old, one of his favorite treats was ice chips in one of those mesh feeders or a cube of frozen banana in the feeder. Mom would give him plain old ice chips to suck on and he's always loved that...still does! He's almost 2 years old now and would rather have a piece of ice than a piece of candy!
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