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Re: What To look for in a baby carrier

Originally Posted by mommy2twins View Post

This what the wahm mt reinforcement looks like. It's a triangle that looks like it is done between the fabrics and not on the outside like pp. Does this look safe?

What do you think?
Triangles can be fine but, the one on your carrier doesn't look that good to me. It looks like thin thread to me but it's hard to tell with your picture. When I make MT's and SSC's, I ONLY use heavy duty upholstery thread. I also don't trust carriers made on standard home machines because some layers can be really thick and a regular machine can't handle sewing through all of it. When I make carriers, I always use my commercial machine. I use my regular brother machine for embroidery and embellishing things.

Here is my dream carrier SSC and it is done wonderfully with the v-style x-box. You can see she has two straight lines plus the v for reinforcement.

Here is an x-box on one of the MT's I made last year.

And for fun, here is a photo of my machine:
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