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Re: HBAC (past or future) POST HERE!!!

Originally Posted by contemplation31
Hmmmmm,,,,. Conceiving 7 months after a C-Section?! Just remember that your uterus didnt have much time to heal before being stretched by the babe! This worries most OB's since it means that you have a possible weak spot that could rupture during labor. You should at least get a consult from a REPUTABLE MW. Good luck mama
My OB told me I healed beautifully, which is odd considering how fast I was out of the hospital after I had it (27 hours after the section, I left the hospital to follow my son to a NICU in another town). My husband told me I probably healed so fast because I was past having the section, and moving toward bringing my son home. *shrugs* I know I do have adhesions, which I think are now done breaking up (cause they really aren't pleasant when they are, at least for me), but they're nothing to worry about.
I've been pretty vigilant about keeping a close eye on anything that doesn't "seem right". I'm concerned about uterine rupture, even if it's a very low percentage (1% for a woman that hasn't been induced), but it's more like a worry that there IS a chance. I just try not to let that hinder me in any way. If it does happen, then I'll just get myself to the hospital asap.
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