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Re: ~$5 Meal Ideas~

Groundnut Stew (African Peanut Soup)

(I learned this recipe growing up in Ghana, West Africa.)

1 chicken ($3)
1 onion (.50)?
6-8 c water

(you can add stock stuff: celery, carrots, salt & pepper)
Boil chicken (I leave it for hours, until it falls off the bones)
Remove meat from bones, shred/ split into manageable pieces.
Put chicken back in strained broth, and add:
1 can diced/crushed tomatoes or a few of the real thing (.50)
1 onion, diced
red pepper to taste
1 jar natural peanut butter (NOT the sugared kind!) ($2)

You may have to separate this out into smaller pieces to help it
dissolve. Be careful so it doesn't stick.
Boil until oil rises to the top. Feel free to add more water.
Serve over rice.

Topping options:
boiled eggs
diced onions
diced fresh tomatoes*
pineapple chucks*
*my faves, usually all I do.

Here are some ways to make it more authentic:

*Mold the rice into firm balls. Pinch off pieces of rice with backs of pointer and middle fingers, dip into soup, then rush to your mouth. Only the two fingers should be wet. You can only use your right hand for this. (Tons of fun!!! Great family memories to be made! )

*Chop up the chicken any ole way, with plenty of bones split in half.
*Use dried fish instead of chicken.
*Use LOTS of red pepper.
*Make it VERY runny (four times the amount of water).
*Serve it over fufu (gooey pounded starchy yams, you can get a mix at some ethnic stores) & eat with hands as described above.


Well, it looks like I went over the spending limit, but you could make it cheaper. Clearly, the more you add, the more expensive it gets. You can omit chicken completely or just use less. You could just cut it back to boiling natural peanut butter in water, and it would still be great over rice. As I tend to boil the dooley out of the chicken in the first step, remembering to add more water can make this meal last a week for DH & me. Easily feeds 8, could be stretched to more depending on ratio of soup to rice.

Have fun! PM me if you try it with your hands! I wanna hear stories!
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