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Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?

You can add me to the list too.

I was 200lbs when I got pg with my ds and was 260lbs when I gave birth!!! ouch, that was a lot of water weight though(honestly)
When my ds was 10 months old I joined Weight Watchers (weighing in at 213lbs) and got down to 179lbs by November, it felt great! But realistcaly at 5'4 I was still over weight.
With the Christmas goodies and quiting WW because I wanted to get pg again, I was 185lbs when I went for my first 12 week OB visit. I am now 213lbs at 28weeks.
I am planning on joing WW again after Christmas to get this weight off finaly once in for all.
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