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Re: Anyone ever used a Dollar General test?

LOL, I've used Dollar Tree, but not Dollar General. I just thought I'd come in and answer you, LOL. If you followed the directions correctly the test SHOULD be right. The only other thing is that it might have just been a bad test - those pop up every once in a while no matter the brand. The cheapo way shouldn't make it any less reliable. If you're really concerned it's wrong then go try a different kind, but the cheapo ones always did the trick for me! I would suggest (if you really feel your pregnant) to test again using either the same brand or a different brand - or wait a couple days and test again. Your hormone levels just may not be high enough to show up yet, too. If you want a different brand recommendation I would try either Equate (Wal-Mart) or just the Target brand ones - I got my second earliest BFPs with those.
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