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Re: Extreme Constipation in Two-Year-Old - Ideas?

acidophilus and lactobifidus!!!!
my son had been occasionally EXTREMELY constipated, untill recently when it was way too frequent to me & after the last incident he ended up w/ a hemmorrhoid.
i really didn't want to give him a laxative for the reasons already stated & none of those food suggestions helped- prunes, fiber, etc. the only thing that SOMEtimes helped was oatmeal w/ cooked raisins in it.
a bunch of mom's suggested acidophilus & i went right out & grabbed some. from the first dose to the next afternoon he'd had 3 BMs that were softer but you could tell it had built up & he was cleaning out- the 2nd day was a very poopy day- now he's back to "normal" w/ 1-2 BMs daily that are very soft but not loose. SUCH a relief.
when i was scouring for info- i found quite a few things that said the lacto acidophilus will help if your child has any lactose problems (which i never THOUGHT CJ had, but looking back, it correlates) & it will help break up the lactose so they can digest it properly instead of causing lactose related probs.
also- a recent study shows that milk has much less calcium than we believed previously so it's not even as helpful as the leafy greens! so there's definately ways to ensure calcium w/o the milk.

good luck & keep us updated on what works & happens
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