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I am new and I need advice...

I am a newbie to the world of cloth diapering. As such, I am very new to the DS community. I am still learning the ropes so-to-speak, and I need some direction on what the appropriate forum is for the questions that I have for the other moms on here.

I have discovered this week that there are very few, if any, viable options for baby hammocks/motion beds on the market unless you have $200-$400 to spend and are willing to live with beige or white. I believe I may have found an untapped market in this area. So, I am considering making and selling baby hammocks that are attractive, customizable and most importantly, affordable. I need feedback from other moms on whether or not this is a product worth pursuing, and at what price point they would actually consider trying one. As well as finding testers for the product if I find this is something worth pursuing.

Where do I go to find this information? I have been told I am not welcome in the WAHM forum because I am new, and I need to reapply for membership once I have 60+ posts (not counting FSOT) or I have positive feedback from somewhere else. I can't get positive feedback if I can't put a product out there. I can't put a product out there without some mama feedback. I can't get mama feedback without access to the WAHM forum. Do you see the ugly cycle I am being sucked up in?

So, where in this community do I start if not in the WAHM forum?
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