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Re: Pregnancy Loss Thread...

i was told for years that i wouldn't be able to get pregnant or carry a baby w/o surgery (b/c of the endometriosis i have) so we just assumed it to be true (so many dr.s told me this).
well, on our wedding night we concieved our son who will be 2 in July. we started ttc about 9mo pp & after a few months we concieved Sammy. & the whole pregnancy was perfect except some HORRIBLE morning sickness for the first 5mo. & she was so so active.
i'm also on another birth awareness group & from late October to mid December, we lost 8 babies/infants, i was #6/7. i was actually online & praying for a friend of mine that'd just had a uterine rupture & had almost died on the table, she lost her son- that was the last time i remember feeling Sammy move.
i didn't notice it for 2 days b/c i was so worried for my friend, hubby came home monday morning (dec 5th) after working nights & for some reason i woke up & knew in my gut i'd lost her. we tried for a few hours to get a response (all those snacks/juice/soaking tricks). my midwife was trying to be calm about it & was very reassuring, but we decided to go see her anyway- she tried for what seemed like forever & couldn't get a HB so we headed to the hospital & they confirmed in a quick in-room ultrasound. but since it wasn't done by a "dr." we ended up having to wait 3hrs till they could get a 'real' u/s done by a dr. & then another 3hrs for them to take some blood to run a test. i just wanted to go home!
finally 8hrs later we were able to leave. & we worked on the arrangements/plans after that for the next week-ish.
then my 'wonderful' MIL actually wanted us to wait on our service so she could be here for it at CHRISTMAS. i told her NO, that was 3wks away. (mind you she had NO pressing reason other than wating to have her christmas before coming out to see us). so then she actually asked us to have a SECOND service at christmas while she was here. i was & still am SOOOO mad about how she treated all of us thru this.
anyway- i went into labor thursday the 15th & got some sleep thru the night between contractions- friday morning things picked up a lot faster than i thought they would so we went to the hospital & a few hours later i had my sweet sammy.
she was due Christmas day, she was almost there.
after everything was said & done, the 'official' ruling was a cord accident as they couldn't find anything "wrong" w/ the placenta.
it was very very hard, but it was harder to watch my sweet hubby go thru it.
we're not ttc really hard, but we're not avoiding it either.
& i very much look forward to having another baby, but i'm just scared, hubby moreso at the moment.
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