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Re: Ped appt left me in tears..hmph

I'm completely baffled by what he said about 9 month olds. My babies were very challenging at 9 months. "Easily satisfied" is not a phrase I would have used. It wasn't until they started walking at almost 15 months that their needs were more easily met.

In many ways I agree with the philosophy that babies should be left alone to sleep at night. That is what has worked for us--seeing us at night never calmed them down and it was quite the opposite. But if he has reflux or just needs mommy you should follow your instincts. He has no right to be patronizing. ETA I mean the doc, not you DS!

If you are really worried about the urination/penis issues maybe you can see another ped or specialist for it? My babies are light wetters and their wetting decreased quite a bit when they started solids, which makes sense to me. Did that coincide with the 6 month illness? E and R are identical twins but their penises are differently shaped (Ethan's has a bigger "head" ) so I think some variation there is normal, too. Anyway to you--he sounds like a very "sucky" doctor.
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