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Re: I am new and I need advice...

Thank you for pointing that out. I hadn't even thought about the liability issue. I wouldn't release a product that I didn't feel was safe enough to use on my own child, but still accidents happen. I have a lawyer in my family, and I will definitely have to consult with him before I move forward past using this product with my own baby.

Originally Posted by Bukawww View Post
I have to be honest, the items you want to
make/sell could have a LOT of liability to go along with them. I know that my friend used an Amby with her baby and almost lost her (mama instincts kicked in to check on her and she was stuck face down). I would make sure you are willing to get a lawyer and cover all of your bases so no one gets hurt. With slings, you can add a disclaimer but with baby beds, the consequences could be much more devastating since parents tend to not monitor a baby in their bed 100% of the time (hopefully they are getting some shut eye themselves ).
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