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Awesome Update in Post #1 *BFP Mentioned* Czech Republic IVF ICSI Adventure

Ok- i thought I'd start my own thread about this adventure. Seeing as how this will be IVF ICSI and a nice vacation touring Eastern Europe, it may be interesting to share with the rest of you

I'm not going through a coordinator (My IVF Alternative or IVFVacations). I'm just working with the Zlin clinic direct. DH and I have travelled quite a bit around the world and feel we will be fine on our own.

Contacted the clinic and looks like we're heading out the last half of August.
DH will only be able to stay with me for about a week of the 21 days since that's all the military will give him due to his job.

I need to get my rear in gear to get birth control pills and we both need full STD tests (now required for IVF in the CR).

Thanks for reading! While we're in the Czech Republic, I'll be bringing my laptop so I can update with info and pics.

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Update: May 12,2009
Got answer back from Petra. After forwarding my medical history to the doctor, I've been approved for treatment! Petra will get back to me on the dates. I have an appointment on Tuesday to go on BCP, get in for my STD checks and get copies of our other bloodwork and DH's SA.

I'm so happy. I'm feeling myself lift out of the depression I sunk into since last fall.

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Another update for May 12, 2009

I LOVE how quickly they respond. It's 9 pm their time, and I am still getting responses! It was like pulling teeth to get anyone but the receptionist at my private German RE.

I have a date! I'm going August 17th!!!!!!!

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August 13th update:
I took my last birth control pill! I HATE them!

I'm getting everything's hard to pack for 22 days. I made sure to pack LOTS of smar****er, gatorade and miso soup in case I get OHSS (very likely since I have PCOS). And I have loads of DVD's and books in case I don't feel up to travelling- although I'm going try REALLY hard to at least see Auschwitz in Poland.

We leave on Saturday and are staying at an Army post at the halfway mark.........seemed like this time would never come and it quickly snuck up on me!

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August 17, 2009 Update

We made it to Zlin! I have to admit- we were suprised once we crossed the border. The roads in the Czech Republic are better maintained and make more sense than the ones in Germany!

Zlin is beautiful- it's a busy university town. It's nestled in some rolling hills. Our hotel overlooks the town.

The clinic is awesome. It's very aesthetically pleasing. DH also enjoyed the very good-looking nurses Found out my FSH almost doubled since I had my bloodwork done last September. It's in the 13 range- but the Dr. said it's still within acceptable range. Unfortunately, with the elevated FSH level, I have to take more meds. I'm on 225 Gonal-F which made me feel like I took two sleeping pills. But after a two hour nap, I was feeling ok enough to walk around Zlin to find a restraunt to eat at. I'll post some pics of the clinic, hotel, Zlin, etc tomorrow!

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August 18, 2009 update

THe meds I'm on make me so groggy that I think DH and I are going to stay in the area and not do travelling too far. I'm just paranoid about a train delay/traffic, or something that makes me miss my medication time. The Gonal-F must stay refrigerated, so we can't really take it with us But at least the surrounding towns/area here are beatuful.

We ate some DELICIOUS food last night! We found a restraunt that serves contemporary food. THey didn't have menus in English, but our waiter speaks English and he translated the menu for us. I had a cheese soufle on top of a pear/berry sauce. Dh had duck with truffles. Oh...and the beer was awesome- I never liked Pils, but this was good. The grand total for this dinner? About $30.

We're going to visit the Zlin zoo today.

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August 21, 2009 Update

Just got back from the clinic. We have......13 dominate follies! The biggest one is 11 and I'm on CD6! So looks like egg retrieval is going to be next Friday.

Ugh...I forgot the memory stick adaptor to put it into my photos will have to wait till we get back. The Zlin zoo was awesome. They had a dome with a rainforest habitat in it. Found out the Zlin zoo is known for husbandry so there were lots of little baby animals everywhere. There is also a mini Amazon river that runs through the zoo with cool monkey islands.

When we were walking around the zoo, we noticed loads of twins. We couldn't figure it out! DH looked it up and finds out Czech Republic has a high infertility rate. So in order to boost population, the government subsidises the cost so it's affordable to more people.

While we were at the clinic today, we saw some young single people (obviously egg donors) and we couldn't get over how BEAUTIFUL they are! Even the guys were pretty! So the clinic's guarantee of "attractive donors" is true.
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August 27, 2009 update

Had another ultrasound on Wednesday. I'm up to 14 follies! I have egg retrieval tomorrow!

We went to Luhocovice (sp?) today. It is beatufiul there. We drank some of the healing spa water and couldn't get past one gulp LOL It tasted like salty lead pipe water! But I hope that one gulp did some work

We've been meeting people from all over the world using this clinic. At our hotel, we met a couple from Bosnia by way of Albania and Australia, a Japanese couple, a Bermudan couple, a bunch of American couples and some military that are also stationed in Germany. It's wonderful to sit aroudn the breakfast table and just hear about the different places they live and why they chose to come here! Our hotel is pretty much IVF patients, so it feels like IVF summercamp

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August 28, 2009 Update

Today was egg retrieval...10 eggs were retrieved!!!! I call the embryologist tomorrow morning to see how many fertilized....I'm sooooooo nervous

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August 30, 2009 Update

Well...I'm Octomom! LOL. We have 8 fertilized babies! We're doing a 5 day transfer- so Wednesday is the big day. Don't worry...we're only transfering two babies. Hopefully we have enough good quality ones to freeze the rest....I would love to come back for sibling FETS.

Thanks for all the support means a lot to me

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September 2, 2009 Update

Well....some bad news....3 of our embryos didn't make it

But the remaining 5 were very good. I had 4 grade 1 (best quality) and 1 grade 2. We transfered 2 of the grade 1's and froze the remaining 3.

Oh...when the embryologist showed us our two embryos on the screen before transfer, we saw both of them hatching!!!'s to 9 days of waiting!

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September 6, 2009 Update

We made it back safely home. It's good to sleep in my own bed! I tested out the trigger this morning. So hopefully when I get a BFP on a HPT, it'll mean it's real. It's still a little unnerving getting a BFN but I need to remind myself it's still too early....I had a spot of brown in my CM yesterday so I hope that was implantation. I think I'm going to use a HPT on Tuesday morning.

I'm trying to stay off of Fertility Friend, it's just making me too anxious! I'm overanalyzing the other BFP and BFN IVF charts of other people.

GAH! I wish I were at the end of my 2WW with a BFP. I guess it's nice to think in the back of my head that if this ends up a BFN, I still have 3 good blasocysts waiting for me in Zlin....

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September 7, 2009 Update

Well....I think I'm getting some symptoms. I've had heartburn for the past two days and last night when I smelled my prescription prenatals, my gag reflex started and I was thisclose to puking in my kitchen sink....then almost puked again in my toilet. So if this is the start of pregnancy symptoms, I welcome them with a huge smile, thanks and relief.

Today I'm 5dp5dt (10dpo). So today, my blasts should be finishing up their burrowing and be starting to product fetal and placenta cells. I'm still not sure if I want to test tomorrow or wait closer till Beta. I think I may wait a bit longer...I know if I get a BFN (even one too early) it'd crush me.

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September 8, 2009 Update

Thank you Jesus! TMI alert! I had AF cramps all night and I fully expected to see AF when I went to the toilet. When I didn't see her, I decided to take my last FRER HPT. I got a pretty good BFP on it within a minute! I ran outside to DH who was pulling out to drive to work. I was flopping around with no bra under my shirt and no shoes

I think he still doesn't believe it since the second line is only half as dark as the control line He's still adamant that I don't get my Beta until Monday But I'm trying to convince him because I'm on Prednisone which is an autoimmune depresser (in my case, it's being used as an anti-rejection drug) and I want to start getting weaned off of it so I don't hurt my baby(ies)

I still can't believe it! I tested out the trigger a few days ago and never would have figured my BFP to happen so soon!

Here's my IVF ICSI chart in case anyone's intersted in looking at it!

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September 14, 2009 Update

I've had my blood test done. Pregnant! The lab tech did the qualitative test instead of the quantitative test- so I don't know my numbers- but I'm not sweating it. I just keep praying I have a sticky bean or beans in me.

Thanks for all your support ladies. I'm going to see if a Mod can switch this over to the Pregnancy boards now so I can be sensitive to those ladies still struggling.

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January 9, 2012

Currently on birth control pills to regulate my cycle so I can have my transfer done on a specific day since I'm travelling. Getting nervous, our remaining 3 embryos must be thawed together since they were frozen together.

Looking forward to going back to Zlin. This will be the first time I'm away from my almost 2 year old twins overnight. DH is staying home with them to allow me to relax while I'm there and have a little vacation.

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February 24, 2012

Started AF and started on Estrimax 1X1X1. I'm starting to get nervous- this means my FET cycle has officially started! Despite all the hurdles with DH's military schedule, everything fell into place.

Oh yeah...I didn't explain earlier, but DH and the twins are now going to Zlin with me! We traded in both our SUV's for a minivan. So we're doing a road trip to Zlin and doing a little vacation while we're there.
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