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Re: Journey to Conception group grads!

Hey steph! Definaltey come over, even thou you don't have the BFP yet! LOTS AND LOTS of sticky dust!

AFM-This is C&P from the oct 09 board post i made It's from my appt yesterday

Well today we didn't hear the hb at my appt, and given my history of m/c's my doc wanted to send me for a u/s. Ok fine with me (more chance's to see the babe!) I thought it was a great scan, we say the hb, and the babe movin around...and got three pics, which i never get that many...I was on cloud nine! Run my errands and DH calls and says to call my nurse. I figure that everything is fine and she just wants to let me know that...

I get a hold of her and find out that my placenta is covering the cervix. I already know that this is not good, after being on these boards for a while. (basically on boards since dd was born 3.5 yrs ago.) told absolutely no sex or anything for 2.5 wks til my BIG u/s on the 28th. (fine for me, not in the mood.)

I am praying that this placenta isn't stuck on the cervix and will move up the uterus. I absolutely do not want to have a c sec. I was threatened with it with dd (she was breach at 36 wks. flipped finally at 37.5wks) If anyone has any knowledge about this it would be great! I am just praying it doesn't become placenta previa (in 3rd tri they call it that) I am just upset and these damn pregnancy hormones and pure exhuastion from about 2.5 hours of sleep last night is NOT helping!
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Today i have been more crampy, but that is probably from all the stress of finding that out, DH being upset over every little thing i have done wrong today, and basically not getting *any* lately Ugh It's going to be a long 2.5 wks!
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