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Re: Relactating Where to begin ,lol. Need suggestions!!

wish I had such helpful mama's a few years back. try all their suggestions. I tried fennugreek, you have to take quite a bit, I'll have to look it up and post again tomorrow. As far as pumping, if you can get baby to latch on, do that as much as possible. Maybe you could even get a wrap and wear baby all day long and let her snack all day long. If you want, you can make a wrap using 5-6 yards of cotton knit fabric, 30 inches wide, hemmed all the way around. search for the "mamatoto" project and go to forums if that interests you. IMO, a baby's mouth is way more efficient than any pump as far as stimulating the breasts. If you like, DH can help with that, too... Also, LaLecheLeague can help a ton. Search for a local meeting, and get help. If you still need to suplement, you can get a supplementer that ties around your neck, and has tiny little tubes that you tape along the top of your breasts in a "T" with the end of the tube a little smidge past your nipple. then, when baby sucks, she'll be getting the nourishment she needs, and stimulating your breasts to make more milk.

I'll search through all the bfing resources I have at hand, and I'll post again tomorrow. I know there's stuff I left out. good luck!
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