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Re: Ped appt left me in tears..hmph

Hugs to you, and I agree--find a more supportive doctor! About your statement that the opening on his penis seems small and low, I totally do not want to get you concerned, but you may want to have him checked out by another doctor or even a pediatric urologist. It's possible he could have a common birth defect called hypospadias. (about 1 in 200-400 boys has it, depending on which statistics you read) My 3 year old son has mild hypospadias, and the opening of the urethra is not right on the tip of his penis but a bit underneath. His is a mild case (some boys have the opening along the underside of the shaft or even at the base of the penis) and he functions fine. However, sometimes boys who have hypospadias also can have difficulties with their urethra, the tube which carries the urine, being very thin or sometimes narrowing in spots which makes urination difficult. You would think that all doctors would notice this in baby boys at birth or soon after, but believe it or not, it is sometimes missed for months or even years in very mild cases.
Again, I hate to get you concerned because obviously each boy's anatomy is different and so that's very likely just how he is. But if you notice a little dimple where his hole "should be" but then the actual hole is lower than this, definitely see a pediatric urologist because of the possibility of related problems with the urethra.
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