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Re: Everything you need to know about mama cloth

Originally Posted by lisastwins2002 View Post
This thread is absolutely fantastic! I need to go back and take notes and decide how to make my pads, but I have a quick question first. I am not a thin person and have a problem with sposies that I'm assuming is common. After I wear it for a while (a somewhat short amount of time), it bunches up in the center of my underwear leaving the sides exposed. Do the wings on the mama pads prevent this from happening? It happens with all different brands, lengths, and absorbencies of sposies and I'm hoping to not have this problem with my cloth.

Did you use the winged spoisies? I always did because I was afraid of the bunch factor and had it happen a couple of times. I think the MC with the wider wrap around wings really help. You def don't have to worry about any adhesive loosing it's sticky and bunching....or worse yet sticking somewhere not comfortable. HTH
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