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Re: Ped appt left me in tears..hmph

Originally Posted by rrandle
Get a new doctor. Any "doctor" who would prescribe an unneccessary medication in order to get your little one to sleep is dangerous imo.
Totally agree with Rachel! He's got his mind made up about BOTH of you - that is really dangerous to your dc current situation (low urine, possible reflux) and anything that might arise in the future. Sounds like he has something against you too - personally I think that is just dangerous & you need to go so far as the leave that practice entirely, any other docs in that practice will have their opinions contaminated by his.

I don't mean to sound paranoid, but I did medical billing for a while & couldn't believe the things some docs had written in peoples charts. I remember seeing charts where patients were judged as slovenly, lazy, wanting attention, their pain or complaints weren't taken seriously. Later they would see a different doc who could be objective & would finally get diagnosed with legitimate conditions! So for anyone reading this, if you have a feeling the md is prejudiced against you for any reason, find someone new asap, your care depends on it!!!
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