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Re: Going from 2 to 3 kids? Or was the transition?

well, for me (expecting number 7 here) having three little ones that were unable to offer REAL help was the hardest. Once the oldest was old enough to fold a load of towels, wipe a counter, make a bed, etc.... it was all downhill. The rest were easy peasy. Now my oldest two are 14 and 15.5. They are boys. They can do anything I can do, and the 15 year old can do some things better than me (like cleaning a really messy room. I'm overwhelmed... he's methodical)

My oldest girl will be 12 in June. And my current "baby" is 4. So right now, things are pretty easy!

I've always told people that three is as hard as it gets. A lot of people with a lot of children have said the same thing. You have two arms, two parents, and three kids. The truth is, I did find three harder. But it didn't stop me from going to four, five, six and now seven!

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