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Re: Ped appt left me in tears..hmph

Thank you everyone for your support...I DO want to get a new doc...I'd really love a homeopathic doc, but I don't know of any in this area..and even mil said she didn't know of any other pediatricians...but I'll go to a different city for a new ped...I do NOT want to drug him to sleep! And any other concern I've ever brought up with either of my kids just gets brushed off without hardly even thinking twice. As a tiny infant, I noticed something wrong with Drake's eye...I tried to explain it to the ped...I even drew a picture...he couldn't see anything, so of course, nothing was there...well, low & behold - we go see an opthamologist every 6mo to make sure his vision isn't being obstructed by this thing in his eye.

Anyway...I do feel like they all have an opinion of us before we even get a chance to talk to him. He obviously didn't listen to a single word I said yesterday....because, I might say, "Drake's wearing a blue shirt, and I really don't think he likes blue." "Well then, you should really avoid wearing red because babies tend to not like that." Excuse me? That's not what I said. Of course that's just an example and not a real conversation, but you know what I'm saying. I tell him that Drake wakes up and will fall asleep as soon as he hits my shoulder and he turns around and says that Drake's figured out that the middle of the night is the best time to play? Huh? Ugh!

I took Drake to the ped for his 6 mo appt...and I mentioned that Drake was tilting his head a me, it looked like a tick or something....and without any examination - the ped (a different one but in the same practice) - he concluded that it was inner ear dysfunction..because of the leaning, the tugging at his ears, the crying/discomfort that was associated with the leaning...ok...2 things - I NEVER mentioned him tugging at his ears...and he NEVER cried with the tilting. He pulled those 2 things out of his butt. THEY DO NOT LISTEN!!

My SIL had something wrong with her feet at birth and required surgery and braces for a long time...MIL says that Kain's feet look just like I brought it up to the ped and he says it's normal and "great for athletes!" Well, whatever..he said it'd get better with age - and it appears to be worsening to me.

I just want to scream. I'll be finding a new ped this week or next. If I have to try an hour away, so be it.

Thank you everyone.
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