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Re: Pooping help.... LOL

My dd has had terrible problems with constipation since she was 4 months, and has been on lactulose and miralax since. I don't know what age you are trying to potty learn however, this worked for us.

We did not want to push *hehe* the potty issue, because we knew what the result would be. She could pee on the potty like a champ, but no poo.

I told her that she could wear her big girl panties (elmo, nemo, and thomas), but if she had to poo, she needed to tell me, and I'd take her to the bathroom, put her in a diaper, and stand outside the door until she was done. Then I'd clean her up, in the bathroom, wash her hands, wash mine, and then put her back in her big girl panties. (I made it take a very long time.)
She also wanted a Barbie (ugh!). I dislike barbie, but I thought what the heck. I told her she could have the barbie...If she pooped on the potty.

Within a month, she got tired of this taking so much time out of her play time, that she hopped on the potty one morning, and has never looked back.
She did get the barbie, and she has not touched it since we left the TRU parking lot. (she was very disspointed in the barbie, it did not do what the commerical showed)

Now, if I could get her off of the daily dose of laxative, I'd really be happy.
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