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HELP! Probiotics experience?

DS (4+ mos old) has had digestion and constipation issues since birth and recently has been breaking out in dry patches all over - pediatrician says mild excema.

I've started probiotics with him a few different times, but have felt compelled to give it up after just a few days since DS IMMEDIATELY gets stomach gas issues (and at feedings takes only about 1/2 of what he usually takes and has a series of small burps for the next couple of hours). When he was younger, the stomach/intentinal disruption even prevented him from being able to nap when he was tired! Now a bit older, the wakefulness doesn't seem to be a problem, but the stomach gas is.

Once a day I give him about 1/8 of the recommended doseage for newborns - I give him so little I can practically count the granuals! I'm using the Baby Jarro brand.

I'm hoping this is short-lived.

Has anyone had these stomach gas issues???

Thanks for your help, Mamas!
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