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Re: My Baltic Boy necklaces

OKay mama, I'll help you out.
Your pics are great, I can really tell what you are selling, they are nice and clear.
To be honest, the top part, where the name of the store usually is, is definitely lacking some flair. With just the words broken bowls and lonely buttons" in regular, black, same size font it's hard to tell that it's the name of your store. At first I couldn't figure out what that was supposed to mean, then I realized. Maybe a logo, or a pretty font, or some color would look nice and help to catch my eye more. Then I may also remember that I, for example, found a cool necklace from Broken Bowls and Lonely Buttons, as opposed to finding a cool necklace on etsy in general, KWIM?
I do like the banner pic at the top though, it's cool.
I was reading a couple of listings, and you said that one of the necklaces was made of "metal." I don't know about anyone else, but I would want to know what kind of metal it is, just because I'm weird like that.
Overall I think it's great! If that two hearts nursing necklace was green or blue, I would totally be buying it right now!
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