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Re: ABove the 50% babies.. what gives?

Originally Posted by christinewith4 View Post
ok...she has NO idea what she was talking about! A baby/child is "over weight" ONLY when there %ile wieght is MUCH higher than thier %ile height...IF a child is BIG in BOTH categories, then they are not "fat" they would be tall w/ a weight matching it...for instance, our 1yr old is "above" in height and "below" in wieght...he is SUPER tall an skinny... my oldest was off the charts in both height and wieght BUT evenly, so he ws never "fat", just weighed what he should for being sooo super tall (he was the size of a kindergartener at age 2yrs)...if he would have been "50th" in wieght at that height, he would have been too skinny. Now, if you had a child who was like "5th" in height and "95th" in wieght, you would have an issue with obesity...I hope this makes sense......
Exactly. What in the world was that lady thinking? If he's 80% for BOTH... WTH??? That would mean that he's at his IDEAL weight for his height! FWIW though, they don't have to be over the 50% to be healthy. A baby in the 5%til can be just as healthy as a baby in the 75%til. It doesn't matter *where* on the chart they are, just as long as they don't start to drastically fall or climb - THAT'S what the cart is for. For instance, DS was in the 3%til for the first year of his life. Totally healthy. BUT, he started falling (and falling and falling) until he was way under the chart. But it could be just as bad if he went from 80 to 20, kwim? Either way, it shows that he's just NOT growing. So now he's officially failure to thrive. That's what its really for though... not really to stay over a certain percentile.

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