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Does your DC have school Monday?

I know it's probably a stupid question, but I am sitting here looking at the school calendar & all the days that say NO SCHOOL for this month are marked & this monday isn't one of them. It wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that DH is starting back to work on Monday morning (after being off for 3 weeks to take care of me from me having a hysterectomy). My oldest was supposed to be dropped off at 7am for before care at preschool & then stay for aftercare as well.

So now I read a post about no mail & then I think oh crap, what about school??!! I have a horrible feeling that means that there is no school too... which is a bad thing for DH on his first day back at work for us to try & figure this out. I know it's my responsibility as a parent to have known this in advance, but I don't have a little calendar w/all the holidays on it so I didn't realize it was one & we've only had one day of school here in almost 2 weeks b/c of cold & snow.

TIA for answering the poll.
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