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Re: ABove the 50% babies.. what gives?

Okay, pp have covered the whole overweight thing...I just have to say that 50% percentile and "normal" are not the same thing! 50% percentile and average can be the same things, but "normal" is actually the entire range of the population - the curve that the percentiles come from is call the a "normal distribution". So if you child falls anywhere between 1-99, then they are, by definition, "normal". I was always at the bottom end of this w/ my kids - they would be in the 3rd/5th percentiles and people would always act like that was so awful, and that their 90th percentile baby was "better" or "healthier" than mine. In order for their to even be a 3rd percentile, SOMEONE has to be there! As long as your child looks proportional and is meeting all their milestones, he's fine!
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