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Re: Norwex review is in... My detergent exploration... ALL DONE! (:


Everyone whom I've spoken to has sung the praises of Norwex, so when I got some for free from my MIL, I decided to add it to my detergent testing list. It's supposed to be highly recommended for diapers and the recommended dosage for FLs is 1/2 tsp. Norwex is sold by a Norwegian company specializing in "green" cleaning alternatives. All their product must be ordered on-line or via a distributor. Furthermore, they don't publish a MSDS because the formula belongs to another company, but it is available upon request.

Well. I tried 1/2 tsp, and the detergent never fully rinsed itself from my diapers. We got HUGE ammonia stink every single time and nothing, not even putting baking soda and vinegar soaks seemed to help in the slightest. When I decided to reduce the amount of detergent, to see if that would solve the issue, the diapers didn't clean thoroughly enough. Therefore, I'm not recommending this for diaper use.
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