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Re: Does your DC have school Monday?

Originally Posted by whiterabbit View Post
Could you just keep your son at home Monday even if there is school?
I'm not sure if I'd be able to take care of him the entire day - he's 3 so I don't have to pick him up or anything but I'd have to be able to care for him 6-6 (driving time to & from sitter & work for DH for other DS) etc but he is difficult to take care of (aren't all 3 yo? LOL) but he's got some soc emotional issues & it doesn't help that he KWOWS/has figured out that I am hurt/can't do a lot of things right now so he has found ways to use that. Like DH has gone to the store & taken just the baby & been gone for just like 2 hours & that's been about as long as we could go b/c of some of the stunts DS has pulled.

That may sound whiny, but I'm still having a lot of issues recovering & don't want to resort to hurting myself or having to call DH at work his first day back from 3 weeks off.
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