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Re: Stupid man. he said...

Originally Posted by MamaMegan View Post
Early last week or the week before they had three colors of the playdress on sale/clearance since the new spring colors are out-- I got 2 of then for $28 each then a new one. With shipping $103. More than I spend but the stuff wears so well-- my son had the rompers in a size 90-- he wore them for two summers. Looked like new when I passed them onto a friend.

FWIW the play dresses look ADORABLE with shorties under them. And with Luxe pull on soakers ad shorties... to cute.
I might get a playdress off ebay, but other than that I'm not into spending hundreds of dollars on botique baby clothes. I'm a bargan shopper and I was hoping to get her a whole new wordrobe for $200. I really want to order some pilot caps, tights and tiny underwear from Hanna though.
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