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recurring irritation in diaper area - yeast?

A few weeks ago I took my 5mo to the pedi for a checkup, and he said it looked like she had the beginnings of a yeast rash (little dots, etc.) so he prescribed some af cream, and it went away. I stripped all of her dipes on hot, hot, water with a little bleach and put her back in cloth. It worked for about a week, but now she has another rash. It is mainly in the diaper triangle area in front, and a little on her thighs and looks like sunburn with a slightly raised edge. It seems to bother her when I put cream on it. Is this yeast again?? I don't see red bumps, just the redness, rasied edge, and is beginning to get really dry looking at the edges, too. I don't want to give up cding her, but I don't want recurrent discomfort for her, either. Should I try gentian violet? will it stain all of the dipes? Any help would be appreciated! I have been giving her a dose of probiotic powder each day...shoulld I keep this up?
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