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Good news!!!!!

My milk got as low as 1/2 ounce every time I pumped, sometimes less. Now, after a week and a half on the Domperidon, I had seen only a little increase - up to 2 ounces per pump. So I increased my dosage, 30mg 3x/day, since I had only been taking 20mg 3x/day, and I woke up engorged as crazy today, and nursed my baby, then pumped 4 ounces and then another 2 ounces. I suspect I will get another 2 ounces this afternoon, and then be able to nurse her again - so I'll have enough to send 2 full bottles of breastmilk to daycare daily.

I am SO thrilled that my baby girl now gets more breastmilk than formula. She was getting MAYBE one full serving of breastmilk per day - and now she'll be getting only one to two bottles of formula per day. Hooray!!!
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