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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

they get off your back at some point?? LOL not that i've seen.

how did I get around the lectures? I haven't been back. lol normally going for appts that arent WBC's they don't normally bring them up. But the last time miranda was in was for a rash at 8 months old. However she did have HORRIBLE diarreah for over a week, I thought about taking her in but I was afriad to hear Rotovirus and then there be a fight. she made it out of that without a doctors appt.

Going to the doctors for me is a pain in the ***, I can't imagine going for miranda. lol

If you do go in, pick a sentence and stick with it. "We aren't Vaccinating at this time" is always a good one, if you plan on doing it someday or maybe are just still deciding, or "we do not plan on vaccinating our child" is another good one. it's HONESTLY none of his bussiness why you aren't. after saying it, Get ready to leave, get the hell out of there. the only reason you'd stick around is to Argue, and you AREN'T going to change the doctors mind. Not one chance. So leave. Vaccinations always come at the last minute. No reason to sit in there anyway.

Have fun! lol
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