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Re: Non Vaxing Mamas! Help!

Originally Posted by ndunn View Post
We just don't go to the doc. If we have to for a serious reason, we repeat this phrase ad nasuem "we do not vax for religious reasons".
Except I say "We do not vax for various reasons. I've spent 2 years researching and if you'd like I can bring in my folder full of documents for you to review" They usually ignore that and have always been extremely rude to me. We actually don't have a ped. because I've yet to find one that will treat me better than dirt when they hear of our non vaxing stance. DD is established with a dr. here in town just in case we need to be seen on short notice. DS has a Dr. in the next town over that will continue to see him until he needs his boosters (he was vax'd till age 4). Once we refuse the boosters she will no longer take him as a patient.
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