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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE View Post
There is a real medical reason for the GD screening and I don't consider just a way for a Dr. to make money nor do I think the best idea is to try to find a way to "trick" the test. I have had GD during all 3 pregnancies. It is a very real condition that has very real dangers for your unborn child. When I was pregnant with my first, I went to a GD counseling class to learn how to manage it (its not all that difficult really) and we had a 100 pound 18 year old, a college - aged track runner, several women in the 20s from 110 pounds to 200 pounds, and a few older women also. While there are factors that can increase your chances of GD, anyone can have it, and most do not know it. I wouldn't take chances with the health of your baby just because you don't think you have a condition or you question the profit motives of the doctor. Do the test and be sure; its not worth exposing your baby to 4 months of hyperglycemia and predisposing him/her to diabetes for life.
It is EXTREMELY important to have the test. My neice is the picture of good health and healthy eating for that matter. She found out she had it with her 2nd pregnancy. No logical reason she should've had it, but sure enough she did. GD doesn't have the same precursors that regular diabetes has. A very large number of mothers who have it have none of the normal high risks for having diabetes. Pregnancy just does some funny things to your body. Just follow the doctor's recommendations as far as fasting and go take the test Mama. It's worth your time for the health of your LO.
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