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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

Originally Posted by dornmama View Post
Could you talk to him about a compromise? Instead of doing the GD test offer to get an at home blood sugar monitor and do a week of testing. It will be FAR more accurate and you won't get a false positive. Or if you happen to fail the 1 hr perhaps you can convince him of using that option instead of the 3 hour test.
I agree with seeing if you can do at home blood sugar testing with a monitor. Much easier on your body and much more reliable results according to my midwife. I failed the 1 hr. with dd and had to do the 3 hr. and let me tell you, for my pregnant body, fasting for 12 hrs and then pumping it full of more simple sugars than I could find at a birthday party was not a pleasant experience and actually made me sick.

But I also agree with others that if you do decide to to the traditional glucose test at the Dr.'s office I wouldn't try to trick the test. If you do decide to do the glucose test with your Dr. instead of the more realistic at home monitoring then just find out ahead of time what your Dr. wants you to do (fasting/healthy eating). Most Dr.'s are just following the day's best mainstream medical procedures and aren't necessarily doing it just to make money or anything; most are genuinely trying to do what they believe to be the best.

Either way, good luck. However you decide to test, it is important to find out if you do have gestational diabetes and I pray you don't.
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